Prices for dental implantation in dentistry Kharkiv

Зубная имплантация - это современно

You need the treatment with the use of dental implantation, that means that there will be a difficult choice of implant system. You worry what would better acclimatize in your body, because the treatment is expensive, and also you need to have a dental surgery. The choice is difficult because there are about 2000 implant systems in the world. We offer the best solutions for any category of treatment. We select the best systems, relying on the leaders among manufacturers in Europe, Israel, and Korea:

  • The pioneer and leader in the dental implant industry is Nobel Biocare. This is a European manufacturer whose offices are located in Switzerland and Sweden;
  • Israel implants are popular all over the world, among which the undisputed leader are the products of MIS Implants Technologies Ltd Global;
  • Leading Korean company OSSTEM IMPLANT, constantly increasing investments in the scientific and technical sphere, achieving the highest level of production technology and unsurpassed product quality.

 The cost of dental implantation largely depends on your choice. But it is wrong to think that this is the main criteria for the total cost of treatment. After all, it is no secret that different planning options may suggest a different number of titanium supports. Therefore, in some cases, prosthetics using elite implants will provide a moderate budget and excellent results by reducing the number of units.

The cost of the entire teeth restoration cycle using dental implantation also depends on the complexity of the case and the method (protocol) of treatment:

  1. Which implant system will be used. Prices for products are very different in various manufacturers, we consider them below;
  2. Treatment plan. Different implantologists preach a different treatment philosophy, so they can choose different types of dental supports according to their length and diameter. Consequently, resistance and ability to withstand chewing loads are different for different implants. Choosing a treatment ideology with a different number of dental implants, the doctor influences the cost of general treatment;
  3. The method of dental implantation also affects the cost. So for the teeth in the smile line, it is preferable to choose an immediate implantation, so that from the first day after the removal of the tooth to keep a beautiful smile. But such treatment requires more prosthetic steps and temporary elements, so it is more expensive;
  4. The complexity of the procedure for installing a dental implant may be different. In some cases, the installation procedure is not possible without preparatory procedures, called tissue augmentation. The GBR procedure (guided bone regeneration) or sinus lifting requires additional time and expensive medications.

How does the price vary depending on the method of implantation, dentistry Kharkov

In our center of CKS, we do not consider the nuances of various techniques. It is too difficult to understand for simple patients. Therefore, we have divided the procedures into implantation components:

  1. The dental implant and its installation is the first component of the price of treatment;
  2. The gum shaper and its installation is the second component of the price of treatment;
  3. Abutment, its manufacture and installation - this is the third component;
  4. The crown, its manufacture and installation is the fourth component;
  5. Temporary abutment, manufacture and installation - an additional step;
  6. Making and installing a temporary crown is an additional step.

Now, in order to find out how much the treatment should cost, it is necessary to know from which components each method of dental implantation is summarized.

The most commonly used technique is a two-stage dental implantation, which includes: implant + gum former + abutment + crown.
In the course of implant treatment, there are technological pauses. No manipulations are carried out at these intervals. So, between the installation of a dental implant and the installation of a gum former passes from 2 to 6 months. From the time of installation of the gingiva former to the installation of the abutment, it takes not less than 3 weeks. Therefore, the relevant payments are posted in time for the specified dates.

The second option is a one-step implantation. In this case, you will need: installation of a dental implant + installation of a temporary abutment + installation of a temporary crown + installation of a permanent abutment + permanent crown.
As you can see, there are more components; therefore, the cost of one-step implantation is higher than that of two-step implantation. The first part of the payment for implant services is the installation of a dental implant + the installation of a temporary abutment + the installation of a temporary crown. After 2-6 months, the second payment is for the installation of a permanent abutment + a permanent crown.


How does the price of implant services vary depending on the implant system used

The more elite the system of implants, the higher the quality of the implants, the higher the price of the components of the implant treatment.

Below is a table of the cost of the elements of two-stage implantation of teeth for various implant systems.

Implant system


Nobel Biocare








Element- implant Элемент - имплантат продукция Nobel Biocare  элемент - имплантат продукция alpha-bio    Элемент - имплантат продукция Straumann Элемент - имплантат продукция MIS
Цена зубного импланта + услуги установки 21000 UAH 12000 UAH 22000 UAH  10000 UAH
Element - gum former  Элемент - формирователь десны Nobel Biocare  Элемент - формирователь десны MIS  Элемент - формирователь десны Straumann  Элемент - формирователь десны MIS
Цена формирователя десны + услуги установки 1500 UAH 1000 UAH 1500 UAH 1000 UAH

Element - abutment

Individual zirconia abutment made in digital protocol

 индивидуальный абатмент Nobel  индивидуальный абатмент OSSTEM (Корея)  индивидуальный абатмент Straumann  индивидуальный абатмент MIS (Израиль)
Price abutment + installation services 5200 UAH 3200 UAH 5200 UAH 3200 UAH
Element - crown  Элемент - коронка Alpha-Bio  Элемент - коронка MIS  Элемент - коронка Straumann  Элемент - коронка Nobel Biocare
Metal-free ceramic crown + installation services 3300 UAH 3300 UAH 3300 UAH 3300 UAH
The total cost of one tooth implantation is   31000 UAH 18500 UAH 32000 UAH 15500 UAH


As can be seen from this table, prices for different implant systems vary greatly. Each patient wants to get a quality result, to get 100% survival rate, so as not to resort to repeated surgical intervention. How do dental implants differ, how do the types and purity of titanium differ, from which the structural elements are made and what does the integration of titanium in the human body depend on? These issues on our site are devoted to the article "The choice of dental implants."

How does the price of implant services vary depending on the complexity of the clinical case

Above, we described the cost of services in the case of dental implantation in standard conditions.

But there are difficult clinical situations where dental implantation is more labor-intensive and requires large material costs. This category includes cases of bone deficiency. Typically, a similar problem is observed in patients whose time from the moment of extraction of teeth to the time of the decision on implantation was very large intervals - a few years.

In this case, before performing the main stages of implantation of teeth, it is necessary to perform augmentation of the bone. Augmentation is a preparatory operation aimed at increasing the size of the bone tissue.

The cost of such cases is significantly more expensive. The price of dental implantation services is summarized from the operation of augmentation and implantation stages. In our clinic CKS dentistry Kharkov we choose the most simple and at the same time effective procedures for increasing the volume of the bone.

Sinus lifting (born sinus lift - raise the sinus) the procedure for increasing the volume of the upper jaw bone, by reducing the size of the maxillary sinus.  Helps to increase the height of the bones of the upper jaw.

DBR (directional bone regeneration) is a procedure for increasing the width and height of the alveolar process in any part of the jaw.


Alternative methods of prosthetics

An alternative method of restoring lost teeth is  byugel prosthetics. The cost of a denture prosthesis is much lower than the price of a dental implant. The cost of such a prosthesis does not depend on the number of lost teeth. Recovery of three, four, five, etc. teeth will cost the same. Price is determined only by the complexity of the design and primarily the use or non-use of attachments. 

For more information about the prices of implant services you can consult at our center. All consultations at the Kharkiv Dental Center CKS are free.



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