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If you are planning a trip to Kharkov or just decided to treat your teeth in Ukraine! Be sure, this is a large European city that lives according to modern, progressive laws. Therefore, no matter what the Kharkov dentist does, he must reckon with the latest trends in dentistry. It has long been the norm to ask the patient whether he wants to whiten his teeth if he has to treat his teeth in a smile line. Otherwise, the doctor risks falling into trouble. Most likely, you will have to redo the work, combining filling with bleaching. Everyone knows about whitening, everyone wants to perform this procedure, everyone expects from the dentist that it is simple and fast. So bleaching, veneers, aesthetic forms of braces have long become an integral part of our lives.

 In our clinic you can carry out the treatment and prosthetics of the teeth according to the most advanced digital protocol using the latest generation of Dentsply Sirona (Germany) equipment. We use the Digital (digital) technology for the production of veneers, as well as other dental structures. This is called CAD / CAM technology. The prototype of the future veneer is modeled using special software, then the veneers are made using a numerically controlled robotic milling machine. In the dental center of the CSC, we use this particular production technology as the most modern and progressive. Veneers made in digital have a number of advantages that become apparent when considering each stage of the work. About fashion trends in dental medicine, about the aesthetic aspects of such treatment, about the possibilities of Kharkov dentistry, we will acquaint readers on this page of the CKS Kharkov website.


Veneers Veneers

Ceramic veneers using CAD / CAM technology in Kharkov ➤Details about prices 2019➤ Feldspar ceramics, hybrid ceramics (ENAMIC), glass ceramics reinforced with zirconia (SUPRINITY), glass ceramics based on lithium disilicate

Ceramic veneers Ceramic veneers

For what it is worth paying money! What veneers do? What material? What is the best technology? Is it worth polishing your teeth? Service life and manufacturing steps. We answer all questions.

Стоматологическое отбеливание зубов в ЦКС Харьков Отбеливание зубов

Правильное отбеливание зубов в эстетической стоматологии ЦКС делает процедуру максимально эффективной. Офисное и домашнее отбеливание, препараты и стоимость процедуры в городе Харьков

Керамические виниры — это не всегда просто Керамические виниры — это не всегда просто

Керамические виниры - это лишь внешний блеск. Для их надежной работы иногда необходимо проделать большую подготовительную работу. Этот клинический случай замены композитных реставраций простоявших на зубах более 15 лет, показывает что требуется для п...

Композитные виниры Композитные виниры

Эстетическая стоматология Харьков. Композитные виниры - это бюджетный вариант придать зубу эстетичный вид. Клинический пример использования композитных виниров. Качественная, доступная эстетическая стоматология в центре ЦКС.

Люминиры или голливудские виниры Люминиры или голливудские виниры

Люминиры отличаются от традиционных виниров, имеющих чуть большую толщину. Преимущества и недостатки двух видов виниров, что выбрать люминиры или голливудские виниры.

The price on veneers in dentistry CKS Kharkov Price on veneers

The price on veneers in dentistry CKS Kharkov The price of veneers What type of veneers is better to choose, what to pay special attention to. What makes up the cost and what it depends on. Advanced technologies in aesthetic dentistry.