Prices on dental treatment in dentistry Kharkov

1 Dental anesthesia  180 UAH
2 Photopolymer filling  от 450 UAH
3 Filling root canals  от 300 UAH
4 Aim radiography  100 UAH



Modern methods of caries treatment 

Our methods and our advices for all patients in order to prevent the development of  dental caries.

  1. Think about your children`s health from the first weeks of pregnancy. Stop alcohol! Stop nicotine. Fresh food, balanced nutrition, more physical activity in the open air;
  2. Teach your children to brush their teeth and take care of their mouths since childhood. Brush your teeth properly. Doctors of the Center of Clinical Dentistry in Kharkov will always help their patients to determine the index of oral hygiene, will give advice on proper teeth cleaning;
  3. Use professional methods for the prevention of dental caries. The most effective method of prevention is the sealing of fissures. Doctors CKS sealing grooves in the teeth with special flowable composites. So, the weakest areas of enamel are isolated from microbial aggression;
  4. Once a year, conduct preventive examinations of the oral cavity. So you will be able to diagnose caries in the earliest stages. Early treatment will be reliable and preserve the vitality of the teeth.

And so we treat: dental treatment in the clinic CKS Kharkov 

You have the opportunity to treat your teeth in Kharkov according to the highest international quality standards. Treatment of caries in the CKS is carried out according to modern treatment protocols. Therapy is carried out in four hands, by experienced doctors and assistants.

the patient in the dentist’s chair

To remove caries lesions, we will definitely perform an excellent anesthesia. Therefore, the treatment is completely painless and comfortable. Dental treatment in the Center of Clinical Dentistry in Kharkiv is carried out on modern equipment and tools.

We use only dental light-cure composites from Germany and the USA as filling materials. For the treatment of milk teeth of children we use glass ionomer fillings from Japan and the USA.


Formation of the cost of dental treatment 

The therapeutic dentist spends most of his working time on the treatment of dental caries. This diagnosis is the most common in therapeutic dentistry. Naturally, patients often have a question: “how much does a tooth filling cost?”

For the treatment of dental caries, the dentist must perform a large number of manipulations: removal of softened and infected dentin of the tooth, antiseptic treatment, adhesive coating of the cavity, application and plastic processing of photopolymer material, polishing of the filling. Many dental clinics in Kharkiv are in favor of complicated prices, when the service is calculated through summation the prices of various manipulations. In these cases, it is difficult for the patient to understand what determines the total cost of the dental service.

The price of our dentistry is simple. There is no possibility of double interpretation of the cost of each service. The cost of the service "The price of photopolymer fillings" means the full range of services for tooth filling. These are: diagnostics, drilling of a tooth, processing with antiseptics, setting fillings, polishing, grinding, etc. Please consider this when comparing prices for photopolymer fillings in Kharkov in other dental clinics.

In dentistry, CKS, we do not use domestic materials in our work. For the filling of teeth only European materials are used.

Treatment of caries will cost:

1 Conductive anesthesia  180 UAH
2 Photopolymer filling  от 450 UAH


Details about the treatment of dental caries in dentistry CKS in Kharkov can be found in the article: "Dentistry (therapy)."

When the prices on fillings of the teeth are more expensive? In those cases, if patient turned late and the carious cavity spread to the pulp chamber. Such neglected cases, when caries has destroyed a significant part of the tooth, require additional root canal treatment. And the term seal is replaced by the term tooth restoration. The cost of a photopolymer restoration doctor voices in our dental offices, during consultation, before the start of treatment. The price of a photopolymer restoration depends on the complexity of the case.

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