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Prophylaxis of teeth is the health of the oral cavity, the health of our children and relatives. Therefore, the topic of prevention of dental diseases is relevant for Kharkiv citizens. Which preventive measures should be carried out by the dentist, and which are placebo and do not bring benefits?

To prevent caries, the most effective remedy is sealing fissures in teeth. Special fillings completely exclude the possibility of caries development, if you install them in childhood, immediately after the eruption of permanent teeth. But covering teeth with fluoride varnishes and rubbing fluoride discs is so ineffective that it can be called a placebo procedure. Teaching children how to brush their teeth is useful. Hygiene lessons should be conducted with children at dentists.

Adult patients need to pay attention to the prevention of periodontal disease. Medical treatments such as professional tooth cleaning and periodontal cleaning are the most effective means of preventing gum disease and dental support apparatus.

Чистка зубов Чистка зубов

Что важно знать о чистке зубов. Виды чистки: индивидуальная, профессиональная, пародонтологическая. Профессиональная чистка зубов в ЦКС стоматология Харьков.


Ceramic veneers Kharkov Ceramic veneers Kharkov

For what it is worth paying money! Which veneers to choose? What kind of material? Which technology is the best? Is it worth polishing your teeth? Service life and manufacturing steps. We answer all questions.

Аппарат Вектор Аппарат Вектор

Первым и самым важным этапом лечения пародонтита (пародонтоза) является пародонтологическая чистка. Ее цель - удаление поддесневых зубных отложений. Аппарат "Вектор" обеспечивает качественное и деликатное лечение, обеспечивающее ремиссию на длительное время.