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 Modern girl with braces

Braces (Braces) - this is a great opportunity to make your smile perfect. Dentistry in the modern world is unthinkable without the section "Orthodontics". A beautiful smile is a desirable fruit for almost every modern person. It is difficult to imagine a socially active person without a beautiful smile. Indeed, without a smile, even a selfie looks unnatural. In our clinic, orthodontic treatment is specialized. We are ready to offer the highest quality treatment with braces, with us you will get the best result. Be sure in this after reading the section of the digital dentistry site in Kharkov “Our work”.

Orthodontic treatment has only one drawback - it is very slow and time consuming. Therefore, please note what is the brightest in your smile. British scientists have proven that people around you appreciate a smile with this order of importance:

  1. Smooth teeth. This criterion ordinary people (not experts) put on the first, most important place;
  2. Second place was assigned to the question of beautiful gums. Patients attach great importance to the question of how much the gum is visible when smiling;
  3. Third place belongs to the color of the teeth and have white teeth. Therefore, many patients after the treatment with braces conduct their teeth whitening;
  4. All other questions: type of bite, shape of teeth, character of tooth surface, etc. are issues of second tier of significance.

What are braces and how they work

To understand how Braces are arranged and how do they work, it is necessary to understand the concept of "bracket" system. Braces themselves do not know how to heal. This is a special orthodontic clasp, which is glued to the surface of the enamel. Further the special highly elastic arch is tied up. The wire arc moves the teeth, producing healing powers.

Orthodontic arc can be very flexible. It bends when inserted into the grooves of the locks, but then the arc regains its original shape. So the arc moves the teeth.

Uneven teeth before braces

This is the case of uneven teeth before treatment

Bracket System - Locks and Arc

Metal locks are glued and the system is ready for operation, but it is not active yet. The arc has its natural form - it is even.

wire arc activation

The arc is introduced into the grooves of the locks and fixed with ligatures (in this case, colored elastic ligatures). Curving, the arc acquires springy properties. A deformed arc works like a spring, leveling the teeth.

treatment braces system, final stages

During orthodontic treatment, arcs and ligatures change. The first arc is thin. The final arc is thick, square. The movements of the teeth should be very smooth, so the orthodontic treatment is long.

Orthodontic arc aligns the teeth in three planes

Movement of teeth occur in all planes. This is how the system works with the shape of the dentition. In the photo arc is not active.

Braces system has excellent properties

The arc is fixed to the locks. The springing properties of the arc will cause the teeth to assume the correct position.

The final stages of treatment

The final stages of treatment. The system at this stage includes a thick arc of square section.

Braces - it is fashionable
Braces is a very effective system. If you have patience and you agree to wait, be sure to choose orthodontic treatment. Prices can be found on the page "price on the orthodontic treatment"

Practical cases of treatment in the clinic CKS

Протезирование зубов в сложных случаях Протезирование зубов в сложных случаях

Феноменом Годона называют зубоальвеолярные деформации, возникшие в результате утраты (удаления) зубов. Стоматологи достаточно часто сталкиваются с такой проблемой, так как редко кто из пациентов спешит восстановить утраченное. Срабатывает человеческий фактор страха и инертности. Феномен Годона характеризуется наклоном зубов одноименной челюсти в сторону дефекта зубного ряда и вертикальным перемещением зубов антагонистов. Первым этапом лечения деформаций, наступившей вследствие утраты зубов, должно быть ортодонтическое лечение с применением брекет системы. В некоторых случаях требуются вспомогательные аппараты или приспособления. Мы не использовали ничего кроме металических брекетов на нижней челюсти. Этот этап потребовал 14 месяцев. Мы добились того, что корни жевательных зубов приняли вертикальное положение. Второй этап – имплантация и аугментация. Для того чтобы вырастить новую кость потребовалось 4 месяца. Третий этап – протезирование проводили при помощи цифрового протокола. Сканирование и получение 3D модели при помощи камеры CEREC Connect . Моделирование и изготовление абатмента/коронки inLab 18 и фрезер inLab MC X5 (SIRONA). Подробнее о разнице между мануальным и цифровым протоколами лечения Read more

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Тройной удар. Лечение брекетами в Харькове Тройной удар. Лечение брекетами в Харькове

За что мы любим брекеты? За хорошие результаты лечения в самых сложных ситуациях. Однако, брекеты работают по строгим законам нарушать которые нельзя! Read more

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