Prices for the treatment of periodontitis in CKS Kharkiv

Price formation for the treatment of gum disease


The cost of treatment is determined by the severity of the disease. The initial phases of the disease - gingivitis - can be successfully cured by following one dental treatment aimed at carrying out professional teeth cleaning:

Type of treatment Price, ₴ (UAH)

Professional teeth cleaning (cost of treatment for 1 jaw)
+ ultrasound machine
+ Air Flow
+ set of polishing brushes and prophylactic toothpaste

350 UAH


Also, the patient must be trained in individual oral hygiene. The doctor helps to pick up a toothbrush, toothpaste and other hygiene products.

In the case of a more severe disease - periodontitis and periodontal disease the volume of treatment increases. There is a need for modern methods of treatment of periodontitis and an integrated approach to therapy.

Modern methods of treatment of periodontitis

The difficulty of treating periodontitis is that dental deposits are under the gum, sometimes very deep. Dental deposits are not in direct line of sight of the doctor and require special equipment and complex removal techniques.

Severity of periodontitis Normal Periodontitis I stage severity Periodontitis II
 stage severity

Periodontitis III
stage severity

Clinical picture pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4


In the case of periodontitis I and II severity of periodontitis, the removal of dental deposits will be effective by a conservative method using the apparatus "Vector"


Type of treatment Price, ₴ (UAH)

Vector therapy. Primary therapy with the device "Vector" + hygienic set of post-periodontal therapy as a gift

2600 UAH

Vector therapy. Secondary therapy with the device "Vector" after six months

1200 UAH

Vector therapy. Primary therapy using the “Vector” device with a small number of teeth

1300 UAH


In case of periodontitis of III severity, surgical treatment methods are used - open curettage. Prices for the procedure of open curettage is determined on an individual consultation by specialists of the CKS dentistry.

Comprehensive treatment of gums in the clinic CKS

After the professional cleaning, a complex of procedures is carried out aimed at the rational distribution of loads between different groups of teeth and functional units. For this purpose, splinting constructions with the use of fiberglass tapes or blocks of crowns or multi-part clamp systems are used.

In cases of loss of a part of the teeth, prosthetics is carried out within the framework of tooth-saving constructions excluding periodontal overload of the teeth.


One unit of splinting structure using fiberglass structures от 450 UAH
One unit of metal-ceramic splint design  2500 UAH
Clasp prosthesis with elements of multi-section clamp structures  6000 UAH


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