Aesthetic dentistry in Kharkiv

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"Dentistry" and "aesthetic dentistry" - these two terms are more and more identified in the mind of any patient and in the work of the modern Ukrainian clinic. At present, it is hard to imagine that even 10 years ago in dentistry, filling materials of metallic shades (amalgam fillings) were used, and the crowns and bridges were in gold color.

Modern dentistry in Kharkov has the widest range of technologies that allow to aesthetically restore the defects of teeth and dentition. The birth of aesthetic dentistry can be considered the emergence of Hollywood veneers. Hollywood veneers did not represent a functional value to the teeth. They performed only a sham function on the set. By gluing white plates to the surface of the teeth only for the day of filming, the artist turned into a respectable hero of the film with a snow-white smile. But as time went on, and the more dentistry developed, the more “the idea of the snow-white and bright” invested in the ideology of creating new filling materials. This is how the whole classes of dental materials and orthopedic structures with high esthetic qualities appeared.

Currently, all materials in Kharkov dentistry are focused on aesthetics. But still their capabilities are different and it is worth distinguishing between them. For example, from two filling materials:

  1. glass ionomer cements;
  2. photopolymers,

The latter allow you to restore teeth with a greater degree of aesthetics.
From two options:

  1. metal-ceramic crowns;
  2. metal-free ceramic crowns.

the second gives you more opportunities to recreate the aesthetics of a smile.

Materials - giving the opportunity to recreate the tissues of the teeth more truthfully, repeating natural teeth, should be called aesthetic materials.
Technologies that are not applied to the treatment of teeth, but to change the quality of a smile should be called aesthetic technologies. Our digital computer dentistry is precisely focused on these criteria.

BEFORE the aesthetic treatment Beautiful smile AFTER treatment
BEFORE the treatment
The example well illustrates the careless attitude towards aesthetics of a smile
AFTER the treatment
Specialists of the Center of Clinical Dentistry in Kharkiv are attentive to the aesthetics of a smile


The choice between more aesthetic and less aesthetic is not always simple and obvious. The line between "reasonable" and "not reasonable" in medicine is very thin.
Specialists of the medical center of digital computer dentistry - the Center of Clinicaal Dentistry in Kharkov always take into account the request of their clients for high aesthetics. We will help you to make a smile aesthetic and not to harm health. We will help you choose the method of treatment that is most interesting for you from the standpoint of your budget. Specialists of our dentistry own technologies of digital dentistry, aesthetic restoration of teeth, ceramics veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment.

Керамические виниры – быстро, модно, красиво! Керамические виниры – быстро, модно, красиво!

Керамические виниры – отличный способ сделать свою улыбку краше. Современные CAD/CAM технологии в стоматологии позволяют получить отличный результат с минимальным объемом препарирования или вовсе без него. Что означает отличный результат? Это означает прогнозируемый, быстрый и эстетичный. Read more

All, Петросян Станислав Влерьевич, Эстетика, Ортопедия

Цифровые реставрации зубов в Харькове помогают сделать сложное простым Цифровые реставрации зубов в Харькове помогают сделать сложное простым

Цифровые реставрации зубов в Харькове помогают сделать сложное простым. CAD/CAM технологии повышают качество услуг, повышают комфорт пациентов и поднимают планку эстетических возможностей в стоматологии. Read more

All, Петросян Станислав Влерьевич, Эстетика, Ортопедия

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