Why does dental implantation in Kharkov worth choosing?

High qualification required

 Why does dental implantation in Kharkov worth choosing?

This is a high-tech treatment that allows you to quickly and effectively restore any number of teeth. We work with implant systems of world leaders among which manufacturers of Europe, Israel, and Korea:

  • The pioneer and leader in the dental implant industry is Nobel Biocare. This is a European manufacturer whose offices are located in Switzerland and Sweden;
  • Israel implants are popular all over the world, among which the undisputed leader are the products of MIS Implants Technologies Ltd Global;
  • Leading Korean company OSSTEM IMPLANT, constantly increasing investments in the scientific and technical sphere, achieving the highest level of production technology and unsurpassed product quality.

The great advantage of treatment in Ukraine is the low cost, but at the same time compliance with the most demanding European dental implantation protocols. To do this, our clinic has a specialized surgical room, modern equipment for dental implantation, LED technique Surgic Pro from NSK, and an ARTeotomy OP1 system for performing bone augmentation operations.

Our work - dental implants   

Elements of a modern dental implant

Implantological treatment is staged.
The logic of treatment and the cost of each step is largely determined by the component of the system that is established at this stage. We will understand the constituent structures

modern dental implant design

Implant, abutment, fixing screw and crown, are the necessary elements.


The prices on dental implantation in the Centre of Clinical Dentistry in Kharkiv


The prices on dental implantation in Kharkiv

In our clinic СKS (Kharkov) the cost on dental implantation is divided into parts, according to the stages of treatment. Payment is made not in one step, but as you complete each stage of treatment. For two-stage dental implantation, the cost consists of four parts:

  1. Installing a dental implant, including the cost of the implant itself;
  2. Installing the gum former, including the cost of the former;
  3. Installation of the abutment, including the cost of the abutment;
  4. Fixation of the crown, including the cost of manufacturing the crown.



The cost of installing a dental implant, as shown in the table below, includes all the work associated with the installation of the implant body:

  • preparation of the operating room;
  • carrying out anesthesia;
  • all stages of surgical intervention;
  • all X-rays taken during the operation;
  • removal of surgical sutures;
  • Also, the cost of dental implantation includes drugs that will be given to you by the staff of our clinic on the day the implants are installed. These tablets and oral care products are essential for good healing.

Цена зубного импланта + услуги установки





Nobel Biocare
12000 UAH 10000 UAH 22000 UAH 21000 UAH


Arguments for dental implants

Implantation is not scary and not painful

 Implantation is not scary and not painful. These are the most important things that patients need to clearly understand. The procedure for installing a dental implant for a patient means a standard anesthetic injection, then without pain, the doctor`s work feels similar to the work in the canals of the teeth.


Which protocol is better to choose?

The most progressive treatment option is immediate one-step implantation. In one visit, a bad tooth is removed and implant placement is installed. This protocol does not require surgical incisions and repeated surgical visits. However, it must be remembered that for all types of implants and all types of their installation it will take time for the dental supports to become stable. Therefore, the first 3 months on the lower jaw and 6 months on the upper jaw cannot use permanent crowns. For the front teeth, temporary crowns not involved in chewing and formers of the gums for posterior teeth are permissible.

The most reliable treatment option is a two-stage treatment protocol. On the first visit, the dentist installs implants and for this one day of treatment is enough (surgical sutures are removed on 10th day). For the upper jaw, the second stage is carried out in 6 months; gum formers are installed. You can immediately make crowns, but the ideal option would be to make crowns in one month.

Long-term implant treatment

Long-term implant treatment

We will explain why the treatment is long and why you must wait 3 months for the lower teeth and 6 months for the upper teeth.

We will try to explain why so much time is required for implantation (3 months for the lower teeth and 6 months for the upper). Take a look at this picture. It looks like the surface of a titanium implant when viewed through an electron microscope.
titanium implant when viewed through an electron microscope

Modern implants made of titanium have a non-smooth surface. It is dotted with many pits, cavernous formations and crevices. Bone tissue can grow into these irregularities. If the bone tissue fills all irregularities on the surface of titanium, then the total contact area of the bone and dental implant will increase. The larger the contact surface between the implant and the bone, the greater the stability of the support. But, precisely, these bone remodeling processes are very long.

Contraindications for dental implantation

The issue of smoking and poor hygiene is a contraindication for dental implantation. It must be emphasized that with these contraindications we come across very often.

There are other obstacles to installing implants. They are very rare. These are general contraindications - serious systemic diseases.

Summary. Implantation is an excellent method with good oral hygiene and no bad habits. For more information, see our article entitled  "Contraindications for dental implants".

Difficult cases require preparatory procedures (bone augmentation)

Before the implantation is carried out we study computer tomography. If the volume of the bone for the installation of supports is not enough, a bone augmentation procedure is performed (augmentation).

Externally, atrophy appears as a reduction in bone size. The more time there is no tooth, the greater the degree of atrophy.

Проведение имплантации зубов в условиях атрофии кости


Проведение имплантации зубов в условиях сужения альвеолярного отростка Оценка дефицита кости до проведения имплантации

Bone size should be estimated from the height of the alveolar ridge and its width.

More detailed about the lack of bone tissue and how to solve this problem can be found in the article  Augmentation.




Warranty obligations for dental implants in the clinic СKS dentistry Kharkiv

Our dental clinic, like many other clinics in Kharkiv, gives a 100% guarantee on the implant engraftment. This guarantee is not passive, consisting in the return of money spent, in case of failure. Warranty active. In addition, we hold a number of administrative activities aimed at obtaining the maximum result:

  1. Professional approach and high qualification of doctors;
  2. Use in the work best implantological systems that have proven to be high-quality and innovative;
  3. All consumables used in the original, purchased only from the official representative of the manufacturer;
  4. All work is carried out according to the protocols of examination and treatment of patients; recommended by the European Association of Dental Implantology;
  5. After the installation of the dental implant (s), we give the patient all the medications used inside and oral care products. Cost of drugs included in the cost of installing a dental implant.

A patient who is interested in a quality result of treatment will carefully follow all the recommendations of the doctor and accurately take medications according to the prescription.

Compliance with the recommendations of the doctor will not only get 100% engraftment of the implants, but also allow implants to serve for many years.

Failure to follow simple rules for the care of implants and the oral cavity can lead to long-term complications, reducing the life of the teeth. About this in our article "Complications of dental implantation."

Our work with the use of dental implants

Immediate implantation and individual shaper Immediate implantation and individual shaper

Immediate implantation and individual shaper Read more

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When is dental implantation not a quick procedure? When is dental implantation not a quick procedure?

In our clinical case, the bone is not only small but also very narrow. Dental implants do not fit in this volume. To increase the bone width, we use GBR (guided bone regeneration) Read more

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MORE Our work with the use of dental implants

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