Prices on aesthetic dentistry in Kharkov

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Modern dentistry for many years were heading for achieving high aesthetics in the course of any treatment. And yet today, the relevance of the gradation in two directions remains, this is the health of the oral cavity and the beauty of your smile. In the dental sheets of the vast majority of clinics, there are positions that have nothing to do with dental treatment, but aimed at improving the smile. These are bleaching procedures, ceramic and composite veneers, lumineers, aesthetic crowns, etc. Today, it is already impossible to imagine dentistry without such important procedures for socially active people.

Classical dental treatment procedures aimed at the sanitation of carious lesions, periodontal therapy, can be performed in two protocols:

  • Standard modification ensures oral health, but does not provide high aesthetics;
  • Aesthetic variation of the same treatment can be carried out with the achievement of a high cosmetic effect. It`s cost will be higher, but it is important that it does not conflict with the trend of human health.

In the case of any appeal to the dentist, the patient should understand which procedures are cosmetic and which are therapeutic. Whether side effects, complications or damage to health are possible in cases of chasing a beautiful smile. Consider safe for dental health aesthetic positions of the price of CKS dentistry in Kharkov.

Prices for aesthetic dental restorations

Carious lesions on the teeth, of course, a harm to health and an ugly smile. To establish an amalgam filling is a reliable and high-quality treatment. It is perfectly acceptable for the chewing teeth of most patients and is completely unacceptable for teeth located in the smile line. In the frontal area, preference should be given to materials that have optical properties similar to those of natural enamel and dentin. Such materials include photopolymer materials, ceramic materials, glass ceramics, and feldspar. Services that restore teeth with these materials include: artistic restorations, veneers, semi-crowns and aesthetic crowns.

VarietyPrices, ₴ (UAH)
Composite veneers / composite restorations  600 грн.
Composite veneers / componeer  2500 грн.
Porcelain veneers  6100 UAH
Porcelain lumineers  3500 грн.


All these services fall into the category of aesthetic restoration. Means - to restore teeth with high aesthetic requirements. Aesthetic restoration is indicated:

  • In the case of carious lesions of the teeth in the smile line;
  • Non-carious teeth lesions in the smile line (fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia);
  • Imperfection of the shape and color of teeth in the smile line.

What distinguishes different types of veneers? It is important to know if you decided to make your smile flawless.

Composite art restorations and componeers are similar types of veneering. In both cases, the material coating the teeth is a composite. This class of material has limitations, low gloss, relatively fast aging, and short service life. How do they differ among themselves.

The restoration is built directly in the mouth from a plastic material. The doctor, doing the artistic restoration of teeth, uses several shades of composite material. During the restoration, carious lesions can be filled in parallel. Componeers are standard plastic plates that stick to the surface of the teeth. Their shape and color are standardized and chosen according to the wishes of the patient. Read more about this in the article "Composite veneers."

Ceramic veneers and lumineers have higher aesthetics. Ceramics has a higher gloss and natural color, it is more durable and firm.

  • Ceramic veneers are glued after a slight grinding of the surface of natural teeth. Therefore, it looks natural;
  • Lumineers are glued to the surface of intact teeth (without grinding). Therefore, teeth with lumineers look slightly convex compared to natural teeth.

Read more on our site in the article  "Ceramic veneers."

The pricing of restorations and veneers in dentistry at the Centre of Clincal Dentistry in Kharkov is determined by the choice of material, as well as the number of teeth selected for the veneering procedure. As a rule, the number of teeth is determined by the structure of the patient's smile.

Prices for teeth whitening services


Name of procedurePrices, ₴ (UAH)
Home whitening:  
- production of one mouthguard   1200 UAH
- syringe with whitening gel   250 UAH
Office whitening
intracanal whitening (price per procedure)
300 UAH
Laser whitening Beyond   5000 UAH
Modern, progressive whitening ZOOM 5000   5000 UAH


Homemade whitening is the most effective type of teeth whitening. With this type of service you will get the most dazzling result. But you have to do it yourself. CKS specialists will make a high precision mouthguard for your teeth. They will give a bleaching agent and provide detailed instructions. And the patient will have to spend time at home for several evenings. Therefore, bleaching is called home.

Office whitening involves the procedure in the chair of the dentist. In the arsenal of the dentist there are several drugs that differ in the price range.

The most effective is the so-called laser bleaching. Preparations for teeth whitening are used in combination with special lamps that enhance the effect of the clarifier.

Modern, progressive whitening involves the first phase of bleaching carried out in the form of office laser whitening. The second phase is homemade whitening with an individual mouthguard.



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