When is dental implantation not a quick procedure?

Prosthetic dentistry in patients with bone atrophy

Complicated cases of dental implantation include those that do not allow the entire amount of work to be completed in one visit. How to determine that the work is difficult? Dentists use diagnostic CT examination (computed tomography). This method allows you to accurately measure the size of the bone in a three-dimensional image. CT today is the most accurate and reliable method of research. If the CT shows that the bone is thin or low (bone atrophy), then this is a difficult case. It is required to increase the bone, this is called bone augmentation.

 Upper jaw before implantation

There are indirect signs of bone atrophy. The alveolar process in the region of the extracted teeth is smaller than in the region of the remaining ones. It is thin and short.

The situation in the oral cavity demonstrates several systemic problems: periodontitis, lost teeth and dentures that have lost their functionality, which were installed many years ago.

Partial edentulous upper jaw

In order to increase the height of the bone in dentistry apply a sinus lift. This procedure is effective on the upper jaw.

Sinus lift operation

In our clinical case, the bone is not only small but also very narrow. Dental implants do not fit in this volume. To increase the bone width, we use GBR (guided bone regeneration).

GBR alveolar process augmentation

Atrophy of the alveolar ridge before implantation

As a bone graft, we use osteotropic material of the world leader in this field, Bio-Oss.

6 months after augmentation

If implantation is performed on the maxillary bone, then the integration process will take 6 months. We use the most advanced implantation protocol. In the course of a single operation, we install dental implants and perform augmentation. Therefore, after 6 months everything is ready for the manufacture of a denture (dental crowns or bridges)

Photo after gum formation

The number of dental implants does not have to match the number of natural teeth. Modern dentistry welcomes bridge structures on implants.

 Prosthetic bridge design

Dental crowns in dentistry CKS Kharkov we carry out only the method of milling, technology CAD / CAM. Digital prosthetics are precise and aesthetic.

BEFORE and AFTER prosthetic teeth

BEFORE and AFTER the prosthetic teeth. Exact adherence to the modern European protocol and the high patient discipline allow for excellent results. There is only one drawback: between the first and second stages of prosthetics takes time. In the case of prosthetics of the upper jaw, you should wait six months, the bottom - three.



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