Big teeth problems? How to quickly and efficiently install dental implants

beautiful smile bleach

Express dental implantation without incisions

This case is a great option for prosthetics with the help of dental implants, if you want to do everything qualitatively and in a short time. A week in Kharkov is enough to complete the entire cycle of work:

  • Treatment planning;
  • The operation of the installation of dental implants;
  • Installing abutments;
  • Manufacture and fixation of a highly aesthetic zirconia prosthesis.

More about the clinical case.
The patient turned to our clinic with serious problems and has a long unsuccessful experience in dealing with periodontitis. During the treatment by the CKS, a zirconia bridge with screw fixation was installed in the upper jaw (CAD / CAM manufacturing technology using the equipment of Dentsply Sirona, Germany). Teeth bleach so inspired the patient that he was no longer able to hold. He required only dental implants on the lower jaw and a bridge with a high aesthetic of bleach.

The procedure for the treatment of the mandible was performed within one day: removal, implantation, and a temporary bridge structure from PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) material.

Temporary construction is used in cases where it is necessary to postpone a permanent prosthesis. In most cases, a permanent bridge can be made immediately.

Let us say a few words about the type of prosthesis that we used in this case - these are prostheses with screw fixation. This type of prosthesis is more complex, but it has several advantages:

  • For prosthetics of one jaw requires from 6 to 8 titanium supports. This significantly reduces the financial costs of the patient and makes the treatment budget;
  • Allows you to install a prosthesis immediately after the implant installation operation, as the chewing loads will be evenly redistributed to a variety of supports;
  • The screw fixation makes it technologically easy to unscrew and reattach the prosthesis to the titanium supports;
  • It is possible to combine several non-parallel dental implants into one system. Indeed, in the case of bone atrophy, the ideal positioning of titanium pins is impossible.

BEFORE implantation of teeth

The photo shows a big problem with periodontal. We add in the description what is not visible in the picture. Teeth have a great mobility.

AFTER implantation and fabrication of a zirconia prosthesis, upper jaw

On the upper jaw there is a zirconia bridge with screw fixation. Manufacturing technology CAD / CAM equipment Dentsply Sirona (Germany).

After success in the upper jaw and obtaining excellent aesthetics, the patient really wanted to perform the same work on the lower jaw.

Immediate implantation in the lower jaw

The implantation procedure was carried out on the day of tooth extraction and dental implants were placed in the alveoles of the extracted teeth.

Multi-Unit abatmets are fixed to implants

We use screw fixation for dental implant prosthetics

After the installation of dental implants, special abutments are screwed to them, which are called multiunit. On the top of the Multi-Unit there is a threaded connection. Therefore, the denture is fixed with screws. Since the number of supports is less than the total number of teeth in the prosthesis, this design is called a bridge-like prosthesis with support for dental implants.

A non-removable PMMA prosthesis was manufactured on the day of surgery

We manufactured a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) denture on the day of operation using a 5-axis inLab MC X5 grinding and milling machine. Such work is possible in 3-6 hours. And the patient uses such a prosthesis for 3 months.

In some cases, we manufacture a permanent zirconia prosthesis, but its production requires 2 to 5 days.

The patient was satisfied with the temporary prosthesis and went home.

Panoramic snapshot BEFORE and AFTER

Panoramic images BEFORE and AFTER the dental implantation of a patient with generalized periodontitis.

For the next stage of treatment, he returned after 3 months. On this visit, we made a permanent prosthesis with perfect condition.

On photo is shown a ceramic prosthesis with screw fixation

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